Give 5 America Foundation believes in the power of 5. If millions of Americans will give a one-time or recurring $5, we can change the lives of individuals, families, and communities across this country! Give 5, America!

Give 5 America … Change a Life!


Give 5 America Foundation was founded in 2016 to encourage Americans from all walks of life to give a simple $5. Most of us can easily afford a one-time or recurring contribution that small. However, your $5 combined with millions of other small contributions has the power to change lives! Every day, individuals, families, and communities suffer the effects of illness, accidents, natural disasters, educational shortfalls, and more. If you can GIVE 5, you can help:

  • Individuals and families dealing with illness or accidents
  • Communities hit by natural disasters
  • Homeless, hungry people and families
  • Schools and teachers in need of vital learning tools
  • Churches in need of funding for community programs
  • Farmers and ranchers who need help to sustain our food supply
  • Entrepreneurs who need funding for life-changing ideas
  • Small business owners trying to change their communities
  • Seniors bearing the weight of medical bills and loneliness
  • Adults seeking higher education

Were out to raise at least $3 Million in 2018-2019, and we need YOU! Your donation does make a difference, and so does your willingness to share the cause on Facebook, Twitter, and more. “We the people” can do amazing things. Please, embrace the power of 5 today and spread the word!

Let’s be honest – most of us should be counting our blessings. However, many others are suffering from illness, misfortune, or natural disasters. And you can help! All it takes is 5 dollars and a few clicks. Consider this: if you and every other American gave just 5 dollars – it would add up to real change for people in need. GIVE 5 America, and Change A Life!!

Our Funding

Our funding comes from you and millions like you: people from all walks of life who would love to change the world, but don’t feel they can make a difference with the resources they have.
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Our Purpose

At Give 5 America Foundation, our purpose is to multiply the simple resources of everyday Americans for maximum impact. In doing so, we will adhere to the following methods and principles:
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Our Partners

At Give 5 America Foundation, our number one partner is you.The more Americans give 5, the better resources we’ll have to help individuals, families, and communities. However, we also seek …
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Individuals Illness & Accidents

Do you know of someone facing major medical bills due to circumstances they cannot control? Give 5 and make the difference.

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters spread destruction and leave communities in tragedy. Your $5 donation can help them pick up the pieces. Read more…


Schools & Teachers

Schools and classrooms are in need all over this country. Education budgets can’t always cover student needs, but your $5 can help the future generation succeed! Read more…



Churches of every persuasion are a force for good, and some of them need our help with repairs or charitable causes and programs. Your $5 can help! Read more…



Without farmers, our grocery stores couldn’t sustain our needs. But many American farmers struggle to keep their business going. Give 5 and help farmers thrive! Read more…



Entrepreneurs are the life-blood of American ingenuity. Without them, we wouldn’t have the modern lifestyle and technology we enjoy. When you Give 5, you can help keep American entrepreneurs going strong! Read more…


Small Business Owners

Small business owners create jobs, present new ideas, and keep America’s economy strong. But too many don’t have the cash flow they need to keep going. Give 5 and help small businesses succeed! Read more…


Homeless & Hungry

While most of us enjoy living in relative comfort, thousands suffer from homelessness and hunger. Individuals and families need our help. Give 5 and change a life! Read more…


Our Seniors

Even in America, seniors may struggle. The weight of mounting medical bills and living on a fixed income is too much for many to bear. Giving 5 can help! Read more…


Higher Education

Education is an investment in America’s future. Give 5 America Foundation wants to help people of all ages learn and grow. When you give 5, you can help others fulfill their educational dreams. Read more…



Give 5 America Foundation knows that Americans are generous and compassionate. We want to make a difference, but most of us wonder how to go about it. While you may not be able to give hundreds or thousands, you can give $5. Fortunately, so can millions of others across this country – and it all adds up to a big impact! If we pull together, we have unlimited power for good. Please, give 5 today and help us spread the word. Give 5 America – and change a life!

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