Our Funding

Our funding comes from you and millions like you: people from all walks of life who would love to change the world, but don’t feel they can make a difference with the resources they have.

We’re challenging that belief.

At Give 5 America Foundation, our goal is to help you do more with less. Most everyday, hard-working people don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to give – but they can give $5.

That’s All it Takes

If 5 million people in America each gave $5, we’d have $25 million to help people in need. If 10 million gave $5, our impact would double. But we need your help!

  • First, give 5. Your one-time or recurring donation is painless – but powerful!
  • Then, spread the word. Challenge others to give 5. It’s as easy as posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media hotspots. Share, share, share!
  • Reach out! If you know of an individual, family, or community in need, we want to hear from you! With you as our “boots on the ground,” we can achieve the most efficient use of our resources.

It’s that easy. Give 5 America – and Change a Life!