Give 5 America Foundation believes in the power of 5. If millions of Americans will give a one-time or recurring $5, we can change the lives of individuals, families, and communities across this country! Give 5, America!

Individuals Illness & Accidents

Give 5 and Help Individuals With Illness and Accidents

It seems like everywhere you turn, there are people in dire need due to circumstances beyond their control. Chances are, you know of someone facing huge medical bills due to a life-altering diagnosis or accident. All too often, these circumstances are further complicated by job loss or other financial trouble. No one should be left to face these challenges alone. But what can you do?

You Can Give 5

If you can make a quick and easy $5 donation, you can make a difference. Give 5 America Foundation can multiply your efforts with those of many others. Together, we can offer meaningful help paying medical bills and expenses, while families fight the battle of their lives.

You Can Spread the Word

Once you’ve given your one-time or recurring $5, we hope you’ll invite others to do the same. Today’s social media can help you quickly expand your power of 5 – building it into an unstoppable force for good.

You Can Change the World

Your $5 can change a life. And when you change a life, you change the world. There is nothing like the satisfaction of helping someone who cannot help themselves. And there is nothing more powerful than human beings engaged in the care of one another.

Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, we invite you to get involved. Give $5, then share this opportunity with others. Working together, we can change lives forever.


Give 5 America – and Change a Life!

Natural Disasters

Give 5 and Provide Relief for Natural Disasters

Acts of nature can strike without warning, wreaking havoc on lives and communities in the process. There may be nothing we can do to prevent natural disasters, but there is much we can do to help in the aftermath.

Give 5 America Foundation encourages people from all walks of life and all areas of the country to donate $5. We’ll pool those small amounts into formidable donations that help put lives back together.

Close to Home or Across the Nation

Perhaps you live in an area where hurricanes or ice storms occur on a yearly basis. Your $5 can help us spring into action when disaster strikes. Even if your community doesn’t suffer from frequent severe weather or earthquake risk, your donation can help other Americans recover when tragedies arise.

Whether your $5 goes to work in your neighborhood or somewhere far away, it can make all the difference to someone suffering the effects of a natural disaster.

Give 5 Today

It doesn’t have to be tornado season for your donation to make a difference. Natural disasters can strike any time, any place. Instead of feeling helpless when catastrophes arise, you’ll know your small donation will be combined with thousands of others to help recovery and cleanup efforts.

Donate and Share

Don’t wait until an emergency to get involved. Give 5 now on a one-time or recurring basis. Encourage others to follow your example, so when the unthinkable happens, we’ll be ready.

Join the Movement and Give 5 America!

School & Teachers

Give 5 and Help Schools and Teachers

The future generation of America is our most precious resource. Without a quality education, they cannot succeed. And without the right tools, they cannot learn effectively.

Sadly, school budgets often fall short of the demand for new equipment and supplies. As a result, many teachers feel obligated to purchase classroom needs out of their own pocket. But with your $5 donation, Give 5 America Foundation can help fund schools and students in need!

Help Kids, Help America

Children are the hope of America, and they need our help. Few of us could afford to finance a new computer lab, or buy the classroom supplies for the entire school year. But when people come together, they can accomplish anything.

Give 5 America exists to multiply the small donations of millions of Americans into sizable contributions. This way, anyone with limited resources can have an impact. America’s schools are some of the best in the world, and your $5 help them stay competitive.

$5 is All it Takes

Just think: if 500 people donated just $5, that’s enough for a handful of laptops or a even dozen tablet computers. If 1,000 people made the same contribution, the effects would be double!

District budgets and fundraisers simply aren’t enough to provide every need in the classroom. But with Give 5 America, you can help make up the difference. All it takes is your one-time or recurring $5 donation, and we can change lives.

Give 5 America – Help Us Help Kids!


Give 5 to America’s Churches

Religious differences should never be barriers to helping those in need, but avenues for cooperation and the common good. America’s churches of every denomination are continually reaching out, both inside and outside their congregations. At Give 5 America Foundation, we believe we can all help churches across this country continue their good works.

Help Churches, Help Communities

Churches in America do immeasurable good every day, by helping families, individuals, and communities overcome challenges. Whether those challenges stem from economics, education, natural disasters, or personal hardship doesn’t matter – America’s churches spring into action, and that takes resources.

Churches Change Lives

Your $5 donation can help churches maintain programs, repair their buildings, sponsor welfare initiatives, and serve our communities in practical, meaningful ways. Most of us would never miss $5 today, or even every month. But in the hands of America’s churches, your small donation can be combined with others to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

Give $5 America, and Help Churches Change Lives!


Give 5 and Help Farmers Thrive

When we watch TV, farming is often portrayed as a slow-paced, idyllic lifestyle. But in reality, farming is a huge industry with a startling human factor.

Farmers can’t manipulate the weather, but their business relies heavily on favorable conditions. They have little control over demand and prices, yet they must maintain proper supply. It’s a very difficult business, but it’s necessary for the country’s survival. Give 5 America Foundation wants to help.

Farmers Need Our Support

Weather, equipment upgrades, competition, and market fluctuations can all have an effect on the ability of America’s farmers to stay in the business.

Farmers have to keep up with agricultural technology, but doing so can cost them dearly. When bad weather strikes, they have to find a way to compensate for potential losses. They may have to acquire new land or modify their crops to keep up with changing demands. It all adds up to a very complicated and expensive business.

Here’s How to Help

On your request, Give 5 America will allocate your donation to the support of American farmers. When times get tough as they often do, your small donation can help farmers stay afloat and keep producing the food we need. When you help a farmer, you help all of us!

Keep America’s Farmers Going Strong. Give 5 America!


Give 5 and Change the World!

When Americans pull together, we can achieve anything. When you Give 5, you can help America’s entrepreneurs change the world.

Give 5 America Foundation needs your help to ensure our brightest minds have the capital they need to innovate and create jobs. Every successful start-up business means new careers, breakthrough industries, and economic growth for all of us.

Support American Ingenuity

There is no better place than the USA for starting a business and living your dreams. Give 5 America wants to help facilitate the American Dream by supporting entrepreneurs in every industry. Without pioneers willing to take risks, we wouldn’t have have companies like Apple, GE, Ford, and Google.

But Dreamers Need Our Help

It’s one thing to have a great business idea, but it’s another story to get it off the ground. In order to create prototypes, advertise, and open their doors, entrepreneurs need capital. After all, most people who start businesses are not wealthy – they’re everyday people with a good idea and not enough money to get it going.

At Give 5 America, we believe every promising new business venture deserves a chance. Your $5 donation combined with other inspired Americans can help our economy stay healthy and strong. Who knows – your small donation could help the next Steve Jobs change the world.

Give 5 America – Keep Innovation Alive!

Small Business Owners

Give 5 to Help Small Businesses Thrive

Every large company started as a small venture, and each small business provides jobs, income for families, and tax revenue for the community. At Give 5 America Foundation, we see the positive impact small businesses can have on the country as a whole.

That’s why we need your one-time or recurring $5 donation. Working with us and millions of others, you can help small business owners stay in the game and provide economic growth for us all.

Provide Vital Resources

Running a business of any size takes cash flow. Small business owners have facilities to rent, computers to buy, and employees to pay. Your small donation won’t hurt your pocketbook, but could make the difference between success and failure for a struggling small business.

Why Should You Give 5?

One small business could employ dozens of people, providing economic stability for each employee and their family. When you give 5, your small donation will be combined with others to make a real difference in the lives of real people – potentially hundreds! When small businesses do well, we all reap the benefits.

One Donation, Many Lives. Give 5 America!

Homeless & Hungry

Give 5 to Fight Homelessness and Hunger

If you knew a $5 donation could make the difference between life and death for another person, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to help?

At Give 5 America Foundation, that’s the opportunity we are talking about – the chance to save a life with a simple $5. Your one-time or recurring donation means little to your survival, but could make all the difference someone who is homeless and hungry.

Changing Lives Has Never Been Easier

Giving 5 is a painless step nearly every American can take. We began this venture with the idea that if we could get one million, ten million, or even 100 million Americans to pledge just $5, we could make a huge difference in many, many lives.

Homelessness and hunger threaten lives every day. Perhaps there is no other cause where such small donations can have such a tremendous impact. How many people could be fed with 5 million dollars? How many families could be given the assistance they need to improve their circumstances?

Give 5 and Save a Life

When it comes to the homeless and hungry, your $5 contribution could not only change a life, it could save a life. Give 5 America was founded to multiply the small efforts of people like you. Working together, a little generosity can go a long, long way.

Homelessness and Hunger are Real. Give 5 America – and Save a Life!

Our Seniors

Give 5 to Support Our Seniors

As we age, many of us face challenges we’ve never experienced before. We may find ourselves with heath problems, insufficient retirement funds, or lacking the Social Security we thought we would receive. Not only that, but loneliness and depression can become serious issues as well.

Our seniors (including veterans!) need extra support to buoy them up against the hardships of aging. At Give 5 America Foundation, part of our mission is to help seniors in need.

Let’s Show Them We Care

Many seniors lack family and monetary resources to get the support they need. All too often, they end up alone and in financial trouble. Hospital stays, prescriptions, dental work, and care services can be extremely expensive, quickly draining savings and retirement accounts.

All it takes is $5 and a little cooperation to give aging Americans some extra help. Your recurring or one-time donation really can make a difference in the lives of troubled seniors.

No One Should Be Alone

Aging Americans should never have to feel hopeless and alone. And when you give 5, your contribution will never have to work by itself. We firmly believe that most Americans are able and willing to accept our Give 5 Challenge, lending immense power to every small donation. Together, we can give our seniors the help and hope they need!

Support Seniors in Need – Give 5 America!


Give 5 for Higher Education

For many working adults, getting a higher education seems like an unattainable goal. Unfortunately, despite their hard work they can’t afford the high cost of furthering their education. This may include university, college, vocational, or certification programs.
Give 5 America Foundation understands that the more educated our workforce is, the more competitive America can be. A well-trained and knowledgeable population benefits both current and future generations, and that’s good for everyone.

Small Donation, Big Impact

Whether it’s a working dad with a family, a single mom, or a recent high school graduate, your $5 donation can help someone achieve their dreams of a quality education. That education can have a profound influence on the productivity and stability of a family for generations. It’s a simple way to impact the lives of many.

We’re in This Together

The value of education goes way beyond finances. The income boost from a quality education is many times greater than the cost. However, the hope it offers to a struggling family or individual could mean so much more – to all of us. We aren’t talking about entitlements. We are talking about helping others lift themselves through better education.

Your $5. Your sister’s $5. Your neighbor’s and co-worker’s $5 – each donation has the power to do that. And that’s something we can all believe in.

Education Changes Lives – Give 5 America!